Is Buy Here, Pay Here a Good Idea?

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There are many options when it comes to buying a car for your Sandy Springs commutes. If you have credit issues, you may be wondering, “Are buy here, pay here car lots good?” This form of financing can help you find a car for your daily commute, but what exactly is buy here, pay here? Are buy here, pay here car lots bad or reputable? Explore the pros and cons of this financing option with Atlanta Autos, and don’t hesitate to contact our finance team if you have any questions. 

Benefits of Buy Here, Pay Here

On buy here, pay here lots around Kennesaw, the dealer handles both selling vehicles and funding loans. That means when you purchase a vehicle, your payments are made to the dealer instead of a bank or separate financial institution. Yet, we’re often asked, “Is buy here, pay here a good idea?” In-house financing has many benefits depending on your financial situation, such as:

  • Quick Service: Buy here, pay here lots are good if you’re looking for a quick loan offer. If you meet the dealership requirements, you can receive a loan offer immediately, as the dealer can guarantee an auto loan on the spot.
  • Flexible Loan Terms: In-house financing offers more flexible loan terms than you would get with a bank, especially if you’re facing credit issues or have no credit at all. 
  • Agreeable Interest Rates: When weighing if buy here, pay here lots are good, you’ll find the interest rates offered are comparable to those of conventional lenders. However, it’s a good idea to shop around for the right interest rate for you.
  • Workable Down Payments: If you’re having trouble meeting the cash down payment amount, in-house financing with buy here, pay here lots may be a good option. Often, in-house financing dealerships don’t require a down payment for borrowers or accept more affordable amounts than the average lender. 

Keep These In-House Financing Tips in Mind

Are buy here, pay here car lots bad or reputable? In-house financing doesn’t fit everyone’s shopping experience around Smyrna, and there are potential disadvantages you should consider: 

  • Credit Bureau Reporting: If you are looking to build your credit score, your report may not reflect your timely payments, as some dealerships may not report to the major credit bureaus. Verify the dealership reports to credit bureaus ahead of time.
  • Vehicle Tracking: In case they need to locate the vehicle for repossession, some in-house financing dealerships install a tracking device in their borrower’s cars. 

Explore Car Buying Tips with Atlanta Autos!

If you’re still wondering whether buy here, pay here lots are a good idea, reach out to our team at Atlanta Autos to answer your question. Our knowledgeable team aims to take the confusion out of the car buying process and provide you with solutions that fit your needs. Learn more about how to find the right car for your Marietta drives by taking a look at our other car buying tips


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