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2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost
Perfection is the expression of each element in its purest form. Since the introduction of Ghost, which became the most successful Rolls-Royce in history, the marque’s unique proximity to its clients afforded the team access to a large body of information. It revealed the divergent interests, opinions, and changing taste patterns within Ghost clients’ appreciation of luxury. This primary research allowed them to create a product focussed on the requirements of these remarkable men and women. These insights informed the designers, engineers, and craftspeople at Rolls-Royce as they moved into the development phase of the highly progressive Ghost.

During the engineering design process, new Ghost’s chassis and suspension specialists were tasked with regularly presenting the technical advances they had made to other departments, as well as showcasing how these remarkable developments met the client brief. Rolls-Royce has elected to share elements of these internal briefings to demonstrate the engineering substance that underpins this extraordinary new motor car ahead of its official unveiling in autumn this year. The high-gloss, Illuminated Fascia is a masterful display of mesmerizing craftsmanship. When Ghost is in motion, the wordmark is enlivened by the brilliance of 850 three-dimensional stars. When Ghost is in repose, the starfield dims, and the fascia seemingly disappears into the abyss of the night.

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